Coin-Operated Press invites you to submit to our zine all about found families. A found family is a group of people who have come together and formed an emotional bond that is strong enough to resemble a family – and we want you to tell us all about your found families!

We welcome you to share with us your escapes from overbearing biological families,  illustrations of your polycule, a collage telling the story of how your D&D party became a family, a comic all about your animal family, an essay on why found families are so important to the queer community, a painting of the strengths in your chosen family, reviews of your favourite fictional found families, and anything else you think will fit into this lil family-shaped zine!

We are looking for: articles, illustrations, short stories, zine excerpts, photography, poetry, artwork of any medium, educational guides, posters, flyers, short essays, recipes, comic-strips, reviews, informationals, collages, and anything else you can put your imagination to. Ideally, your work will fit on no more than two pages.

The finished zine will be A5 in size and printed in full colour.

Send us your submissions by filling in this Google form: 

Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

The deadline is midnight BST on Friday 24th February 2023.

For further information please visit our FAQs.

If you have any questions please email us at

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