Coin-Operated Press invites you to submit to our zine that is celebrating subcultures. Subcultures are values, aesthetics, and norms distinct from those of the majority and are held by a group within a wider society. Zine culture is all about highlighting the alternative and we want you to tell us all about your favourite subcultures!

Are you a goth kid? A cottagecore fairy? A gay frog? Bringing back the Y2K look? A skater punk? A goblincore vulture? A member of the Satanic Temple? A Harajuku cutie? Rocking that dark academia vibe? A lil metalhead? An artistic hippie? A TikTok e-girl? A millennial hipster? Or a little bit of all of the above? We want to hear about it!! We welcome you to share your subculture art, writing, photography, and more with us in this zine!

We are looking for: articles, illustrations, short stories, zine excerpts, photography, poetry, artwork of any medium, educational guides, posters, flyers, short essays, recipes, comic-strips, social media screenshots, reviews, informationals, film stills, collages, and anything else you can put your imagination to that will fit into a zine. Ideally, your work will fit on no more than two pages.

The finished zine will be A5 in size and printed in full colour.

Send us your submissions by filling in this Google form.

Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

The deadline is midnight BST on Friday 24th March 2023.

For further information please visit our FAQs

If you have any questions please email us at

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